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"With extensive success in establishing UK 'start-up' ventures, including winning business growth awards and achieving multi million pound revenues, UK Country Manager personnel could offer your fastest route to UK product launch and sales office presence in the UK"

UK Country Manager - Your branch office in the UK

How do you launch your product in the UK market?  

What channels should you use and how do you find them?

If you are selling directly how can you cover the ground you need to when you are only doing 'flying visits'?

How do you build a marketing, PR and sales follow up presence in the local territory when based overseas?

What about contract and account management with large and complex customer installations who might see local presence as a strong reason to go to your competitors?

How do you resolve making the investment in setting up a full time local presence before you have the revenues coming in from the territory? UK Country Manager aims to assist you with these issues and more, for the UK market by offering a proactive local presence with 'hands-on' locally based staff experienced in your technology area, giving a very competitive cost compared to setting up a full time local representative or office.

Service summary:

UK based business development consulting services for companies wishing to fast-track UK product launch, sales, marketing, local negotiation or commercial management of contracts, lead generation, or to research business opportunities for the move into sales and marketing activities in the UK market if you are at an earlier stage.   By offering a 'part time' proactive local presence UK Country Manager allows you to break into the UK in a cost controlled way whilst beating your competitors in gaining the local customer base.

Experienced in technology business sales in the areas of information technology (IT) software and hardware with specific track record in the 'high value' telecoms infrastructure and Internet product sectors. Previous roles held include business development, new business sales through to CEO, Managing Director and other board level roles in software sales and marketing.

If your business has already started making sales into the UK directly, use our new 'commercial manager' business solution to perform regular contract review and sales account management with your clients or negotiate new contracts/problem resolution amendments, locally. Helping your business with a commercial champion who has local contract negotiation experience and people skills to seek the best outcome.

With an established process for 'FASTrack' UK market product launch including industrial market research, new business development with early/rapid sales visits, business structure, localisation and Press Release services, you can start today to make your step into selling your products and setting up business in the UK.

Once sales are established, use UK Country Manager to assist in recruitment of local subsidiary staff, when sales volumes justify this investment.Contact: 


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